Create Free Animated Videos and Presentations with PowToon

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Every successful web entrepreneur knows the fact that 'creating animated videos and presentations about the product' can increase the popularity,sales and overall productivity. What then? How to Create it? No matter what business you handle online-Creating Animated videos and presentations definitely going to increase your online presence. Keeping this idea in mind 'How to create [...]

How to Mark All unread Emails as Read in Gmail at Once

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Google,the Internet Giant's best Email service is Gmail,which is considered as the one of the popular used Email service around the world.Since i started using my gmail account.i received 2-6 Emails daily. After i have been to this internet marketing world,knowing more and more websites and blogs,which resulted in the tons of Emails in my [...]

How to Get Free Website .in Domain From India Get Your Business Online

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Google has just started a new service with Quotos of 'Get your business online' in India at GoogleIndiaOfficialBlog  offering a Free one year Top level domain registration and website hosting services to small and medium businesses to launch a website.The hosting for Get your business online is provided by the famous Houston based web host Hostgator,which also offers [...]

How to Change your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Fan Page

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In this Post ,iam going to show you how to convert your facebook profile to facebook fan page. As you all know that facebook is one the biggest social networking website right now.From LKG kindergarden kids to IT Professionals,have facebook account. I think this is success mantra of facebook. Ok, let's come to the point. [...]

How to use Facebook for Marketing Online Business

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1.Creating a facebook profile: Add Friends,Earn trust of your friends,chat,communicate,share links,photos,videos of your online business in facebook. Express your online business in full genuine way to the peoples. Add friends from the area in which you want to target the people. 2.Creating a facebook fans page: Creating a facebook fan page increases the online web [...]

How to Invite All Friends to Like Your Facebook Page[100% Working in 2016]

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Facebook Promotion is very essential in the internet marketing world for more exposures and effective marketing strategies. Having a google plus page and a facebook page is very essential for small businesses and companies.   If you are having more than 1000+ friends in your facebook friends list and want to invite all to like [...]

Top 50 Tech Blogs of India


Nowadays,there are thousands of Technology niche blogs competiting with each other in all fields like SEO(Search Engine Optimization),Social media Promotions in facebook,twitter and Services provided.Only very few survive in this heavy competition,which mainly requires a unique outlook for the blog,a super seo analyst and a well knowledged content creators.Analysing all these factors here we have [...]

Google Search Calculation Tricks

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Most of the internet users,when they open the browser,first they go to and search what they want to know.Usually they search only keywords like " latest iphone news ' or ' cricket live score ' etc... But google search can be used for n number of purposes.Example:Curreny convertor,Scientific Calculator,Tough math calulations,Basic arithmetic,Mathematical functions,Unit conversion,Value [...]

Best Google Products that Changed the Life Style of Normal Peoples

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1.Google Search Engine: Today in the new tech era,nearly 90% of the people go to as their first visit in world wide web.Google Search Engine is used by the peoples of all ages,regard less of their needs.When I was in learning phase in blogging and Website creation process,i used to contact my tech support [...]

Complete Interactive History of Bitcoin[Infographics]

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Every only buyers and sellers are aware of Bitcoin feature.So,Here is a complete interactive history of Bitcoin created by mashable. History of Bitcoin