How to use Facebook for Marketing Online Business

Facebook Largest Marketplace world 1.Creating a facebook profile: Add Friends,Earn trust of your friends,chat,communicate,share links,photos,videos of your online business in facebook. Express your online business in full genuine way to the peoples. Add friends from the area in which you want to target the people. Facebook Registration 2.Creating a facebook fans page: Creating a facebook fan page increases the […] Continue reading →

Create Free Animated Videos and Presentations with PowToon

PowToon Every successful web entrepreneur knows the fact that ‘creating animated videos and presentations about the product’ can increase the popularity,sales and overall productivity. What then? How to Create it? No matter what business you handle online-Creating Animated videos and presentations definitely going to increase your online presence. Keeping this idea in mind ‘How to create […] Continue reading →

Google Search Calculation Tricks

Google-Search-Tricks1 Most of the internet users,when they open the browser,first they go to and search what they want to know.Usually they search only keywords like ” latest iphone news ‘ or ‘ cricket live score ‘ etc…But google search can be used for n number of purposes.Example:Curreny convertor,Scientific Calculator,Tough math calulations,Basic arithmetic,Mathematical functions,Unit conversion,Value of […] Continue reading →